Unending fun and learning at SAI International e-Summer Camp

“Online Summer Camp provides greater opportunities to explore new things or dive into areas that provide inner joy.”Anonymous

The e-Summer Camp of SAI International is indeed unique as it unleashed a plethora of fountains springing life in newer dimensions to engulf students and parents in boundless joy. As the 1st week of the camp came to an end, the little ones of KG II tried their hands at blow painting on Saturday, June 6. They drew the trunk and branches of a tree and blew green colour with straw to make the leaves. Some of them even made grasses. The active involvement of the mothers added more life to the activity. They went on to make masks with papers which was again very interesting and no doubt very creative.

The following Monday, the participants made a painting of a face using curves and lines. They used crayons, poster colours, pencil, oil pastels etc, to make it appealing. The session which followed suit was on paper collage, where the adorable kids learnt to make a scenery using paper. They even shaded the trees, bushes and the house. They also had a paper sun, blazing on the chart paper. Next day kids started off with the energetic Zumba, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students as well as the family members who joined in. They went on to do clay modelling, making a pair of swans.

As the chain of activities continued each day, kids learnt the scientific principles behind several toys during the session on Science Magic. They also learnt to make colour wheel illusion spinners with all the colours of rainbow and learn an English song, ‘Summer Time’. It was followed by a session on Best out of Waste, where children learnt how to creatively use caps of unused bottles to make beautiful sceneries, complete with trees, a boy and a girl and even a beetle, crawling on the grass. As Friday came, an African tale, ‘The Story of a Story’ was narrated to them. The storyteller made it more interesting with lots of props, animations and explanations. Next was a story on Graffulla, which depicts a mouse’s walk through the woods. This was followed by a session on folk dance.

On the last day of the activities, the KG II students had a session on paper collage, where the Resource Person guided them how to cut the papers and use the glue without wasting anything. The children also learnt where exactly to apply the glue. They made a kitten family with a father kitten, a mother kitten and a cute baby kitten….with scopes left for adding more kittens to the family if the kids wanted. And then they had an energetic session on Zumba. Some of the kids were joined by their mothers and siblings. Everyone eagerly waited for the next day, when they would showcase all they had learnt during the 2-week camp.

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