Multi Sensory Approach

SAI Angan has been constantly endeavouring to practice the teaching learning processes in alignment with the highly acclaimed theory of Multiple Intelligence of Howard Gardner.

Our multisensory approach to learning focuses on the development of all the seven skills of a child through a holistic approach. Our unique methodology ensures the enhancement of all the skills such as intra and interpersonal, visual, kinesthetic, linguistic, logical, naturalistic and musical through activity based teaching in our specially designed classrooms. We understand that the seven skills rarely operate independently. They are used at the same time and complement each other and this ensures the 360 degree development of each child.

Multisensory teaching techniques and strategies stimulate learning by engaging students on multiple levels. They encourage students to use some or all their senses to:

  • Gather information about a task
  • Link information to ideas they already know and understand
  • Perceive the logic involved in solving problems
  • Learn problem solving tasks
  • Tap into nonverbal reasoning skills
  • Understand relationships between concepts
  • Store information for later recall

Using a multi-sensory teaching technique means helping a child to learn through more than one sense. It is to involve the use of more of the child’s senses, especially the use of touch (tactile) and movement (kinetic). This helps the child’s brain to develop tactile and kinetic memories, as well as the auditory and visual ones.

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