In the Classroom

SAI Angan ushers in a new concept in learning. Working towards unfolding experiential learning in each classroom, SAI Angan is synonymous with elements of the best playschools in India of global standards. Besides being well equipped with state- of -the art facilities, the class rooms are safe havens of warmth, love and arenas which multiply joy apart from ensuring learning.

The classrooms are designed with an aim to provide the much desired 360 degree learning experience to each child, inspiring them to be permanent and qualitative learners. Each classroom has specific areas especially differentiated to nurture multiple intelligence. Serving as platforms of self discovery the learning areas ignite curiosity within each child. The children are synergized by an extremely competent faculty who are specially trained for the early group learners. A specially assigned corner, exclusively for reading and a platform for story telling enhances communication and builds imagination, besides fostering confidence. The specially designed classrooms are hubs of well planned activities that enable, empower and encourage the young learners towards thinking rationally, motivating them to ask questions and endowing them with purposeful learning.

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