Things To Know About Top Playschool Admissions In Bhubaneswar And Their Fees

Picking a Play School with affordable fees is a very important decision and therefore must be thoroughly thought through. It gets easier to make a decision when you have a list of criteria to look at before deciding for your child. We have compiled for you a list of things to keep in mind about the top Play Schools in Bhubaneswar before applying for one. 


1.An infrastructure that promotes safe learning: 

You must take into consideration the kind of infrastructure the Play School offers. It needs to be spacious, well ventilated, bright, ensure proper fire safety and should have constant surveillance of the entire building. The reason the infrastructure of the building is important to take into account is that your child is going to spend his/her entire day in that very space. Thus, space needs to be colourful, bright, safe to be able to be a second home for the child.


2. Quality of Teachers:

This is officially the first engagement of your child in a structured scenario with their peers as well as teachers. The parents need to be assured that the teachers who will be grooming, educating as well as engaging with the students every day are qualified, have had background checks, are caring towards the children and are easily approachable and understanding of the needs of every child.

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3. A good teacher-student Ratio: 

According to the government guidelines, every Play School must ensure that for every 20 students, there is one teacher allotted. This ensures that all the children are taken care of and looked after without any negligence. The entire time that your child is at the Play School, he/she must get the best care and responsive staff of teachers.


4. A Diverse and Fun curriculum: 

When it comes to little kids, the Play School must practice fun learning activities, engaging games, co-curricular activities like music, art, craft, dancing, etc which would help in enhancing the child’s visual, fine motor, linguistics, mathematical skills, etc. These activities need to be engaging, fun and exciting for the children for them to develop a keen interest in learning. Thus, it is important that a Play School drafts its curriculum in a way that the syllabus entails more of experiential learning as well as International exposure rather than redundant methods of education.


5. A well-spaced schedule: 

The Play School should have a schedule that ensures that it assigns equal weightage to learn, play as well as rest for the child. The schedule should have a designated time for the child to learn as well as have a designated time to rest as it would allow the students to grasp lessons better and feel more energised. A spaced-out schedule would also ensure that the child is used to a routine which will prepare him/her for further levels of education.


6. Inculcating Life Skills: 

What makes a Play School standout is when it inculcates rich life skills and values like discipline, respect, sharing, communication, empathy, devotion, etc. in students. Children must learn these life skills and values in their first level of education as done by the best Play School in Bhubaneswar, SAI Angan. They ensure that their children not only gain the best standards of education but also learn values and skills that will help them in life.


7. Creche:

In today’s day and age, where there is a higher ratio of nuclear families and working parents, it is essential that a Play School has an in-house Creche to facilitate and make it easier for the parents to remain worry-free at all times. A creche makes it easier for both the children as well as parents to enjoy the Play School experience ten folds more.

When choosing a Play School, always keep all these criteria in mind to ensure that your child has a safe and engaging experience. A Play School being the first level of proper schooling for a child, one needs to make sure it provides and checks off all the criteria on the above list. One such Play School in Bhubaneswar is SAI Angan which is the best and the largest Play School in Asia. Enroll your child with SAI Angan Play School for a truly beautiful experience of schooling for your child.


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