The riveting e-Summer Camp of SAI International

“e-Summer Camps have made new inroads into unchartered territory, successfully expanding the knowledge horizon of children”. – Anonymous

The participants of Class I enjoyed to the core on the day 6 of the e-Summer Camp, held on Saturday, June 6, 2020. The session commenced with a short cartoon video highlighting the nutritional value of some common (dancing!!!) fruits. Next the Resource person decked up with a handmade apron and Chef’s cap demonstrated how to make fruit salad. The kids ready with their chef’s cap followed suit, preparing healthy fruit salad, as well as the delicious aam panna. Kids also had a session on painting, where they leant how to use cello tapes to make line drawing, which was an altogether new experience for them. They made beautiful paintings of nine flowers in nine boxes.

On Monday, the session started with Zumba. After an energetic time, they went on to learn table etiquette. The session was divided into two parts, with participants learning the table etiquettes of West and also of India. Tuesday was full of fun as kids learnt to make toys basing on scientific principles during the session on Science Magic. On Wednesday, they learnt to sing a patriotic song in hindi, ‘Insaaf ke dagar pe bacho dikhao chalke’. Next was a session on envelope making, where our eager kids created lovely envelops, with plain papers, decorating those with beads, laces, zari borders etc.

Next day the eager children thoroughly enjoyed the story of a Magic Mouse and the fun got heightened when the Resource person showed them a white little mouse, her pet. Now each child wanted to have a pet mouse, so they took out their chart papers and learnt to make a mouse for themselves. Now was the time for the second story about a greedy fisherman.  Well this story was also followed by an interesting activity with children drawing some fishes. After the session on storytelling, kids went on to make some jewellery with the help of beads, satin ribbons, plain hair bands, fresh flowers and some decorative materials. No doubt, once the kids started designing, it went on and on in a creative way.

On the following day,  Class I students started with a session on paper craft, making beautiful flowers with colourful tissue papers, cotton balls, ball pen refills, glue etc. Next was a session on Zumba. On the last day of the activities the enthusiastic participants had a session on puppetry, where the Resource Person, Ms.Rishu Suryan taught them about finger puppets through a story on Pip, the lovable mouse puppet with a squeaky voice who loved to help others.

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