The Mask Club – Comic Mono Acting

“If all the circumstances of acting are made too easy, then there’s no grain of sand to make the pearl.” —Peter Sarsgaard

Any kind of method acting requires days and days of research and stepping to the character that one has to portray. The Mask Club helps students who have a knack for acting develop the skill to step into the shoes of whichever character they want while learning the different methods of acting. During the activity session, the students get to try different kinds of techniques that help them refine their skill with every passing session.

The Mask Club members showcased their talent by acting in a comic role of different characters. It is a very difficult task to be a single person playing multiple characters. What was surprising to witness was how easily our students of Class I, II and III portrayed the task at hand and did a wonderful job as well. They stepped into the characters of a son and father, teacher and student, doctor and patient, Tom and Jerry and many more. All the children acted very beautifully and also justified the topic. Before their performances, the children went through the characters and collected sufficient information about them, which reflected in their performances and acts. It was extremely engaging and was enjoyed by all the students.


The Mask Club - Comic Mono Acting

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