The Concept of In and Out

Concepts are defined as abstract ideas and general notions that occurs in the mind, in speech or in thought. They are the fundamental building blocks of thoughts and beliefs, which play an important role in all aspects of cognition.

Learning different concepts is important for young children. It gives them the confidence to explore and develop an understanding of the world around them. Keeping these things in view the concept of “In and Out” was taught to the children of Play Group through some interactive activities. In one such activity ‘Keep the object inside the tub and outside the tub’, children were asked to put things inside the tub and some were asked to keep things outside the tub. In another activity, a toy house was kept and children were asked to get inside the house and come outside to develop their understanding of concepts. These activities helped them to develop their linguistic, visual, fine motor, gross motor and kinesthetic skills.

SAI Angan - The Concept of In and Out

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