Teaching Methods And Techniques of Sai Angan – One Of The Best International Play Schools

In playschools, children will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development. The environment provided by the best international playschools in India helps the children to explore, gain a sense of self, play and socialize with peers, and build self-confidence.

They are also vividly introduced to numbers, letters, and shapes, which help in increasing their ability to learn, recognize and think. The importance of playschool education is realized by the parents when the kids attend nursery and kindergarten sections. The children who went to playschools before can tackle the challenges of nursery and kindergarten much easily.


What makes Sai Angan one of the best International Playschools in India?

Sai Angan is built like a castle out of a fairy tale and designed to provide an apt learning impetus to every child, not only for coming to School but also for loving and celebrating every moment of it.

The classrooms are designed in a child-friendly manner with an aim to provide the much-desired 360-degree learning experience to each child and inspire and motivate them to be permanent and qualitative learners, capable of tackling the challenges of nursery and Kindergarten.

We truly understand and value the fact that a proper and ideal outdoor exposure or beyond the classroom exposure of students helps them with their social and emotional development.


Methodologies and Teaching Techniques Followed at Sai Angan

  • Being one of the leading international playschools in India, SaiAngan follows the multi-sensory approach to learning which helps in the development of all the eight skills of a child (Linguistic, Logical, Naturalistic, Musical, Visual, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal) through a holistic approach. Using a multi-sensory teaching technique means helping a child to learn through more than one sense. What’s so special about this? This helps the child’s brain to develop tactile and kinetic memories, as well as auditory and visual ones.


  • Sai Angan provides an atmosphere of freedom and spontaneity. The children are allowed to get engaged in enjoyable activities that help promote learning with fun, besides ruling out monotony and helps them to think beyond rigid boundaries. Specific activities and games are incorporated in the curriculum to strengthen the social interaction, skills of negotiating, problem-solving, and decision-making skills of the children.


  • Our enhanced curriculum has been designed around this humble belief that young children learn in an integrated way and not in neat and tidy compartments. The curriculum which we have designed at SaiAngan is learner-centric, inclusive and developmentally appropriate for children. It features a multidisciplinary approach towards learning that engages all the senses and reinforces the strengths of every child in the best possible way. The curriculum is solely designed with the aim of developing children as fully-rounded individuals.


Wrapping Up

Being one of the best International Play Schools in India, we pledge to unleash the fullest potential of your child keeping in mind the personal health and hygiene and the safety and security of every child.

Our team of zealous, committed, professionally enriched, educators motivates and inspires the children to excel in their learning abilities in a fun and activity-based environment.

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