Symmetry forms the very basis of any geometrical figure. When a shape looks identical to its original shape after being flipped or turned, it is called symmetry. It is thus a mirror image. Symmetry exists everywhere in our life, from painting to engineering, to designing artefacts, jewellery. Symmetry brings a harmony in the design of any object.

An activity on Symmetry was conducted for students of Class III. They learnt that a figure is in perfect symmetry if a line passes through the center to divide the figure into identical halves. The two parts coinciding at this line of symmetry is folded across the line which makes it symmetrical. Children are fascinated by the examples of symmetry in nature and in art.

From beehives to leaves and flowers, every little thing is a wondrous work of symmetry by nature. While doing this activity, the students analyzed mathematical situations and solved problems using visualisation, spatial reasoning and geometric modelling.

SAI Angan - Symmetry

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