Spectrum Club

“Science is a wonderful thing if one doesn’t have to earn one’s living at it” – Albert Einstein

Matter is energy and energy is light…and we are all light. Today the spectrum club began with the class I teachers, and our future scientists of class I, followed the teachers with plastic bottles,rice grains and pencils. How can pencils lift the bottle with the power of friction,which was filled with fun. And following them the class II present the refraction of light by using transparent glass,water, a small chit of paper with arrow mark,and they show how light is blending from one medium to another and in same way another child of class II demonstrate by using transparent glass with water  and coins that how with blending of light refraction, the coins can visible from top not from side. Finally all the spectrum club teachers undoubtedly cheers the kids with confidence and smiles so that kids can experience the experiment in an amazing way.

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