Spectrum Club

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.” – Edward Teller

Today in Spectrum Club, children of class II and III have done a few experiments and on models of human bones and internal organs, density variation, camphor boats, and a simple homopolar motor. They explained that different liquids have different densities and objects float or sink depending on the density of liquid. Children made a wonderful model of a human body using different types of pasta that is easily available at home. After that, the young scientists have created a homopolar motor using a battery, copper wire and magnet. They could explain about the magnetic field created by the magnet and the electromagnetic field created by the battery which due to repulsion moved the copper wire. At the end, our SAIoneers explained how due to surface tension camphor can be used to move boats.

Our SAIoneers have enjoyed the activity fully with great enthusiasm. Through all these activities they became quite confident in conducting experiments in the spectrum club.

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