Shapes & Patterns

“What underlies great science is what underlies great art, whether it is visual or written, and that is the ability to distinguish patterns out of chaos.” – Diana Gabaldon

Exploring and learning about patterns or sequencing help children to build important foundation for later number work. It develops the ability to understand complex number concepts and develop logical and critical thinking skills. This knowledge help children throughout their life in various fields.

Students of KG II learnt about different patterns like circle, triangle, square, etc., through an activity. They got to know how a pattern is made and were able to make various patterns in a creative way. They were also able to place the shapes sequentially and make a pattern.

To give them an in-depth understanding, children were asked to repeat the activity with colours and alphabets. Through this activity they developed their logical, linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills along with fine motor.

SAI Angan - Shapes & Patterns

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