SAI International e-Summer Camp – An enriching learning time

“Summer Camps are for making memories that last a lifetime”. Anonymous

The e-Summer Camp of SAI International began on a high note on Monday, June 1, 2020. The children of Play Group and Nursery are having a wonderful time taking part in a gamut of interesting and engrossing activities. On day 1, the little ones of Play Group and Nursery were treated to a story of four friends, right from the Panchatantra. They also had a session on folk dance, where the participants learnt a Punjabi folk dance and danced to their hearts content on the song, ‘munda tera off beat hai’.
The 2nd day of the e-Summer Camp was equally energetic and full of fun. The adorable kids of Play Group and Nursery had a great time learning to make colourful caterpillars using circle cut-outs. They also had a gala time learning the hindi song, ‘dadi ama dadi ama maan jao’.
On day 3, The little one’s of Play Group and Nursery sat enthralled hearing the story of Tilly the Dragon during their session on puppetry. They were fascinated to see the resource person who was attired with horns and dragon spikes. The fun got heightened when they learnt to make pencil and finger puppets as well as dragon masks.
The adorable participants of Play Group and Nursery started their 4th day of the camp on a high note. It commenced with a session on music with children learning a hindi song. The next was a session on Master Chef where SAIoneer Md. Amir Alam of Class VII demonstrated the little ones how to make a watermelon pizza and the all-time favourite, lassi. Kids had an amazing time trying to make a pizza with a difference, which is yummy and healthy too.
The activities of day 5 commenced with an obeisance to the almighty on the occasion of Deba Snana Purnima, held on Friday, June 5, 2020. One of the participants recited Lord Jagannath Stuthi which created a positive ambience. It was followed by few more SAIoneers who came forward to recite the Gayatri Mantra.
The cute little participants of Play Group and Nursery, with their soft and tiny hands and loads of determination prepared peanut sprouts salad. SAIoneer Siyali Mukherjee of Class XI demonstrated the students on how to make the right mix, so as to give it a yummy taste. They also learnt about how to prepare mango shake. Next was an energetic Zumba session.
To keep the children constructively engaged and raise their spirits this summer, SAI International has come up with a unique Summer Camp. Owing to the current situation, SAI International has shifted its annual Summer Camp from the offline to the online mode, defining a new normal.

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