Road Rules

The chaos in traffic is caused mostly by the people who do not abide by the rules. As a result, along with them, the innocent people also suffer. If each citizen of the country abides by the traffic rules made by the Government, there would be less damage and less suffering.

To inculcate the importance of traffic rules in SAIoneers from an early age, an activity was conducted for the students of KG I. They were taught about the essential traffic rules and their significance. As the little ones had gone out of the class to see the traffic signal lights, it was easy for them to relate to it.

The students who had also seen a zebra crossing were happy to learn about the reason of having traffic rules in place. The students recited the famous  “Red Light, Red Light, What Do You Say?” rhyme, holding attractive traffic light models that the teachers had crafted.

After coming back to the class with their new found knowledge, they made signal lights out of colourful papers, to further understand the concept in their curious little minds. The students developed visual, inter-personal and intra-personal, and naturalistic skills through these activities.

SAI Angan - Road Rules

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