Reflections Club

“The way the blue ocean water is the reflections of the sky, your actions are the reflections of your thoughts.” – Amal Gade

The students of Reflections Club of Class I, II and III discussed their thoughts and ideas over two topics which enhanced their thinking abilities and allowed them to reflect on their thoughts.

The first topic for the students was New Year Resolutions. Students enthusiastically shared their New Year Resolutions. They seemed to be really excited and determined to follow their resolutions. Some of them said that they would visit different places around the world, some wanted to improve their handwriting, some wanted to control their anger and have patience. Every child had thought and reflected on their chosen resolution and understood it in depth.

While the second topic of reflection was keeping a wild animal as a pet. It was truly an out of the box topic as it challenged the students to think what a scenario would be if they had wild animals as pets. The kids came up with different animals such as pandas, giraffes, zebras and many more and imagined them as their pet.  One student wanted a dinosaur as a pet and her imagination was truly wonderful. It was absolutely delightful to watch our little kids allow their imagination to run wild.

The session was very interactive and built the patience in students to reflect and listen to other’s reflections as well. The club session ended with all students imagining in wonder and thoughtfulness, thus, making the session a complete success.


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