Rang Barse

“Let the vibrant colours wipe out the negativity and envelops everyone with happiness.” – Anonymous

Holi is the festival of colours. It celebrates the advent of spring and a new beginning. People express their joy and affection through colours as nature is a spectrum of colours, revealing its various hues through exotic flowers, different fruits, various leaves, mountains of numerous shades, green trees, seas, rivers etc.

The traditionally used coloured powders or ‘gulal’ were made from flowers and herbs and are have a symbolic meaning, like red stands for love and fertility, green represents spring and a new beginning, blue is the colour of Lord Krishna and yellow is the auspicious colour of turmeric that stand for positivity.

Everyone loves colours, specially the little ones are fond of colours. An activity was conducted for the students of Play Group to connect them to the traditional festival of Holi and give them a joyful learning lesion. During the activity, the teachers showed them different colours. They were very excited after seeing various colours. They put those on each other’s face by holding the plate by themselves. The little ones were very happy celebrating Holi. With this activity they improved their naturalistic, visual, inter and intra personal skills.

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