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“We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.”- Anonymous

That is why we make resolutions to do away with our shortcomings or to grow our character. Resolutions in the new year bring a fresh change to your soul if you stick to it.

Our little SAIoneers of Class II and III made resolutions in the beginning of this year. They had a very interactive and interesting session as everyone was very curious to know what others resolved to do this new year while some said they wanted to increase their study hours, others said they wanted to serve their parents with all their heart, follow them obediently, to be happy with whatever they have, to eliminate bad habits like eating a lot of chocolates and some said that they will speak in English throughout the year.

Setting a resolution was no doubt a good way for our little SAIoneers to reflect on what was important to them, cleared their minds and they focused on what they wanted to become. Allowing our children to be dreamers and achievers the session was a great success and everyone expressed their heart out and listened to each other patiently as well.


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