“og” sound

“Phonics is the most effective method to learn how to read.” – Anonymous

Phonics is the relationship between letters of the alphabet and the sounds that those letters stand for in written words. Phonics teaches children the sounds made by individual letters or letter groups and how to merge separate sounds together to make it one word.

At the early age of six, children are made readers on the lap of phonetics, as because phonetics helps in making the process of reading and writing much easier. The students of KG ll were introduced to “og” sound with stories followed by different activities with dough, wooden blocks and a game named “who can cross the river”. All the children were able to understand the concept of “og” sound thoroughly with the help of “phoneme fingers” and “arm blending”. All of them enjoyed a lot in each activity enhancing their linguistic, kinaesthetic, visual and interpersonal skills.

"og" sound

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