Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly is an important activity in a school as the entire school meets in one place to pray together and keep themselves updated on various events and activities of the school. It is a place where they listen to important news from across the world, listen to speeches, thought for the day etc. It also motivates the students with appreciation, rewards and accolades on performing well in academics and co- curricular activities.

Morning Assembly is a place which connects all the students of the school and develops a feeling of unity among all the students and teachers. The morning prayer and thought for the day helps students to have a peaceful start and a holy morning.

Students of Play Group were introduced to Morning Assembly as part of the class activity. It is religiously conducted every morning for them to get aware of the school prayer and the decorum of school. This daily practice helped them to learn the National Anthem and the poem “Where the mind is without fear” by Nobel Prize winner Shri Rabindranath Tagore. This daily routine has also a great positive impact on the inter and intra personal skills.

SAI Angan - Morning Assembly

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