Metrical Stanza Recital

“Rhyme is an attempt to reassemble and reaffirm the possibility of paradise. There is a wholeness, a serenity, in sounds coupling to form a memory.” Derek Walcott

Rhymes help children experience the rhythm of language. It teaches them how language works and prepares them to anticipate rhyming words and read with expression. While reading or reciting a rhyme, it creates a mental picture which expands the imagination. Moreover, learning and reciting rhymes boosts the confidence.

The little blossoms of Play Group took part in an activity on rhymes, where they recited the verses on the stage. The mellifluous recitation accompanied by actions was lauded by the assemblage. The performances of the students reflected their confidence, poise, phonological sensitivity and an appreciable memory. The performers were greeted with a huge round of applause and were awarded with chocolates, smileys and stars from their teachers. With this activity they developed their linguistic, intra and inter personal skills.

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