Let’s learn CVC words

Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) word is a word that is made up of a consonant, a short vowel and a consonant sound like cat, mat, rat etc. The students of KG I were introduced to CVC with the help of flashcards during a classroom activity.

As students of KG I have a strong foundation of phonics, teaching them CVC words was more of fun. The students were given flashcards of “a” family words like ap, ag, an and pictures like tap, nap, lap, map, wag, rag, ran, van. The flashcards had vocabulary on the first and last sound to expand their use. The students sorted and arranged the CVC words according to the pictures given.

To make the concept clear, three notepads of small and same size were provided. On each notepad, all the 26 alphabets were present. They were also provided with picture of “a” family word and asked to turn the pages of the first notepad by recognising the first sound of the first letter, then the second sound letter and then the third sound letter to make the word of the picture written on the flashcards.

Through this activity the students were able to know the sounds which enhanced their vocabulary, their reading skills as well as helped in the development of their linguistic and visual skills.

SAI Angan - Let's learn CVC words

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