Learning Mathematics

“Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences.” – Roger Bacon

Introducing Kindergartens to pre-math concept requires much more than making them do math workbooks or worksheets. Students begin to understand symbols and abstract concepts only after experiencing the ideas on a concrete level. To ensure that children learn about the pre-maths concept in a better way, interesting activities are conducted on an regular basis.

In one such activity, tall and short concept was introduced through a rhyme –

Rolly Polly Rolly Polly Tall Tall Tall……

Rolly Polly Rolly Polly Short Short Short…….

Different tall and short concrete objects were placed in front of the students and they were asked to pick up the tall or short objects. The height of the students was compared to reinforce the fact that some were tall, and some were short. This was followed by an activity where a height chart was made and the heights of all the students were recorded to emphasize the concept of tall and short.

A scrap book activity was also concluded where the students pasted tall and short pencils on the scrap book.

Students enjoyed these activities a lot which in turn enhanced their logical skill, inter/ intra skill, visual skill and eye- hand coordination.

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