Ignited Minds Club Presentation

Debating is an art of confidently trying to prove your assertions regarding for or against a topic.

The Ignited Minds Club members of Class II had a debate on Book vs E-book. The kids were divided into two groups. One group said “why books are better” and the other group said “why e-books are better”. Everyone spoke confidently, justifying their points.

While one group said books are better because they do not emit any harmful radiation and important points can be marked on the books, the other group argued that e-books are better because they are easily portable and one need not visit the market to buy those, instead can download it.

Finally, they concluded that every individual has their own preference. Some may choose to read books as their hobby while some may choose buying latest gadgets as their desire. The debaters were confidently introduced to the audience by RJ Sambridhi.

SAI Angan -Ignited Minds Club Presentation

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