Ignited Minds Club – Is debating essential?

“Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive.” – John F. Kennedy

 Debating is by no means the same as entering into a full-on argument. In fact, one needs to develop a succinct, effective argument which will gain you support and kudos rather than blindly attacking your opponent.

The debating club stars of Ignited Minds had their final debate of the year today on a very sensational question- Is debating essential?

Since the members had chosen this particular club to be a part of, it was obvious that everyone would go for the topic. So they put forward their points on why debating is important.

The first point was when we get into disagreements on a day to day basis, it might lead to ugly situations if we do not handle it with logic. Debating, instead of arguing can help us defuse a rapidly escalating situation. Rather than raising our voice, we can step back and choose our words wisely. It will make us understand the situation or topic at hand better. It can resolve simple to huge conflicts. Debating has always helped us get better at becoming critical thinkers by sharpening our minds. It can improve relations at a personal as well as professional level. When points related to the topic strike our thoughts, we have to make our points presentable. Thus debating can also help us keep our emotions in check. It boosts our confidence to take on any challenging situation and turn it into an asset.  But, it is of utmost importance that we do not hurt anyone in the process, because that would not be called debating then. Debating should help us move forward in the society,  break its barriers and make the world a better place to live in.

The students had a wonderful time today sharing their experiences in the Ignited Minds Club. They look forward to the next year hoping to be a part of this club again.

Ignited Minds Club - Is debating essential?

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