Ignited Minds Club

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love, affection and acceptance” – Brian Tracy

It can be rightly said that children associate their birthdays with holidays and receiving gifts. Giving and receiving gifts teaches generosity in children. Gifts are a genuine token of affection, given without any expectation of recompense.

The weekly Ignited minds club class was held with the students of Class I, II and III. They debated on the topic “Should Birthday gifts be simple or expensive?” The children got extremely excited as this was one of their favourite topics and they all actively participated in the discussion. A few students spoke their heart out and debated in favour of expensive gifts whereas most of the students were in favour of simple gifts and explained beautifully that a smaller and more meaningful gift is way more important than a big fancy gift that does not have much meaning. The session ended with a beautiful thought that gifts should be given with love and care and it should not be associated with money.

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