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“Happiness is the highest level of success.” – Anonymous 

Happiness is usually an attribute of an individual whereas success can be attributed to an individual or a group. The real truth is that happiness is often subjective and difficult to measure. Success is often judged externally or by comparison to other people. The real question then becomes, ‘What comes first, happiness or success?’ If happiness comes first, then you have to figure out how to be happy before your success can come rolling on. On the other side of the coin is the idea of success coming first, before happiness. The most important thing is definitely happiness. Success is always relative but happiness is absolute. One can never succeed because of the insatiable desire to go for more and more. But happiness is just happiness.

If success is all the money in the world. Happiness is having people to spend it on. Success is measurable and happiness is limitless. Success is a fancy car and happiness is a great ride. The students were very active to give their views on the respective topic. They were very excited about debating on this topic during their online session. Some spoke for the importance of happiness whereas some spoke for the achievement of success. Eventually, the debate ended with the conclusion that both happiness and success are part of life and extremely subjective.


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