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“Talents are meant to be shared.”- Carol B. Thomas

Happiness is handmade. Yes our students of Class II had showcased their talents in front of the whole class. They were overjoyed with energy and adundant eagerness as they were busy sharing their experiences amongst all. Not a single stone was left unturned as everyone had made something or the other. It was an everlasting memory for them as towards the end of the year they could accumulate whole year’s craft work. Each student emptied their cabinets which was filled with items like – puppet, pen stand, bird’s nest, solar system, spaceship, mask, clock, collage work, cards, constellations and so on.

This activity gave a boost to each child to believe in himself. It also enhanced their confidence and aesthetic sense.

Our students have treasured these memories in their hearts and it will surely go miles with them.

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