Friendship – A Rare Bonding

“A rainbow of friends is a dream we can share where everyone’s are treated with kindness and care.” – P.K Hallman

In the game of tug ‘o’ war, rather the play of hug ‘o’ war,  everyone giggles and roll on the rug, everyone grins, and everyone wins. This is a story of pure friendship.

As its time to wrap up, students are ready to pack their bags with full of memories, love and bonding, vice and virtues. The time has come to bid goodbye and set to go in a new path. But memories are always to be cherished.

The students of KG II made a memento with lots of enthusiasm and joy for their friends. They did a paper tearing and pasting activity on the picture cut-out and wrote “I love my friends”. They enjoyed decorating the cut-outs with glitters of different colour. These handmade special mementos were exchanged with their friends as a gesture of love.

These kind of activities in school develops social and interpersonal skills. Children learn how to negotiate, solve problems and take decisions to communicate with each other. These activities develop peer bonding, sharing and caring and enhances communication skills.

SAI Angan - Friendship – A Rare Bonding

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