First Day in a New Class

“The first day in school is the beginning of something new, something good.” – Anonymous

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Quality education is an essential requisite for the growth and development of an individual and the society as well. As the new academic session began, the students of KG II arrived with various kinds of emotion.

While some were happy and excited, some were nervous or sad. However, the love of teachers and the wonderful positive ambience made all the kids happy. As they entered their classroom, the students were asked to sit wherever they wanted. Once the teachers called each child by their name and started the activities, the laughter and joy resumed.

During the circle time each student was asked to introduce himself/herself and share about their family and friends. The students were encouraged to draw and color, talk freely and to know each other, which enhanced there inter and intrapersonal personal and kinesthetic skills.

SAI Angan - First Day in a New Class

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