Excelomatics Club

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

Excelomatics Club helps develop children’s knowledge and understanding of Maths. It provides children with an opportunity to try new things. It also helps them apply their maths skills to other ‘real-life’ maths investigations.

During the Club Class, the students of Class I enjoyed playing a game called Bingo, in which they used different number combinations to move the game forward. This activity helps develop concentration and also helps improve their hand-eye coordination and encourages better social interaction through collaborative play. While the students of Class II and III solved many puzzles related to logical skill building. With the help of Brain teaser, a child’s problem-solving skills can be developed and enhanced, since it also increases the concentration power of a child helping him/her to pay attention to one thing for a fixed period of time. These skills are very important in assisting the children to develop mental ability and interest.

The session was a very fruitful one which led to the students feeling inclined towards such brain teasers and problem-solving games. This session made the students look forward to the next one as they expect it to be more insightful.

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