Different Strokes Club

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” – Pablo Picasso

Drawing, Sketching or Painting are those art forms that act as a medium for a person to express himself or herself. It also gives a glimpse into the person’s thoughts or feelings. For a child, being able to express the thought boosts confidence and emotional intelligence.

The members of the Different Strokes Club from Class I, II and III showcased their artistic skills during a Club activity. Each Class had a different theme and the topics covered were “My Natural Forms” and “Contemplating Nature”. The students were super excited as they have worked really hard this year and it is time to celebrate their artistic achievements. The atrium of SAI Angan was filled with as many as 180 exhibits.

RJ Eva from Radio Orange did a wonderful job of announcing the timing and venue of the Art exhibition in the morning assembly.

Through their art, students think critically and creatively. They also develop their artistic skills and gain knowledge that complements in various academic disciplines. It enhances a child’s motor skills, widens the imagination, brings in positive emotions and makes them more observant of details.

SAI Angan - Different Strokes Club

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