9 Tips to Choose the Best Play School for Your Child in India

Children are the biggest assets of parents. Any parent would want all the best things for their child whether it is a soft toy, a dress or the best school for education.

Play School marks the first steps of learning for any child and it holds a greater importance in building the foundation of kids. In India, there are vast number of Play Schools and so selecting the best ones for your child becomes very difficult. As a responsible parent it is always advisable not to take any forced decisions or make any compromise while choosing the perfect place for your child to start his or her educational journey.

Here are 9 tips that will help you to choose the best play schools for your child in India 

1. Research on the Schools’ Rules and Regulations:

A thorough research on the rules and regulations of the school will help you get a better understanding of the system existing in the school.Try to talk to some of the parents whose child/ children study in the school, make a school tour and interact with the support staff.

2. How’s the Environment:

It is also equally important to see and know the school environment as it is a place where your child will stay for a minimum of six to eight hours.You need to ensure that the children are properly taken care of and that your child should like the place. An amicable environment can aid the process of learning in a better way.

3. Is it Safe for Your Child?

The right age for play schools in India is around 1.5 years to 3.5 years which is a very tender age. At this age they don’t have the capacity to think or protect themselves from possible danger. So, when they are away from home, it is the school’s duty to make sure everything is fine. Find out the existing safety measures that the school has like provisions of medical help, ambulance, security system, firefighting measures etc.

4. Best Play Schools will Maintain Hygiene:

Again, children at this stage have a weaker immune system and are more prone to get affected from diseases so you need to ensure that you admit your child in a school which gives hygienea top priority.

5. Research on Play School Syllabus and Techniques that are Suitable for Your Child:

The reason for sending your child to a play school is because you would want them to have fun and at the same time learn basic things that will lay the foundation for their future education.

Play schools like SAI Angan provides more practical learning techniques like when a child learns about lemons, the child actually gets a chance to visually examine, touch, smell and taste lemons-instead of just reading and listening to the teacher. This kind of technique makes learning more fun and interesting for students.

 6. Are the Classrooms Modern and Kid Friendly?

Some of the top play schools in India possess kid friendly classrooms with posters of cartoon characters, bright decors, colourful desk and chairs as well as modern teaching equipments like projecters, speakers that helps in easy and interesting way of learning.

7. Timings of the School:

Kids can’t be away from their parents for a long time and also convenience of parents needs to be considered. So, while selecting the top play school for your child, check the timings of the school, and select the ones that suit your needs or school which can adjust to your needs.

8. Testimonials:

Testimonials are also important. Talk to other parents, know the teachers, find out the behaviour of teachers on the students, the behaviour of other staff as well as the mannerism of the students. Also find out how the school deals with crisis like if a child is hurt badly or has become sick.

9. Other Facilities:

Consider facilities like art labs, dance lab, music lab, swimming pools, toys are some of the attributes that a good play school should possess.

The biggest tip however is not to get stressed. We know it can be very scary letting go off your precious child for the first time. But once you know that you have selected the best play school for your child, be rest assured. Let the child learn with fun outside the home.

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