Table Manners

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” – Clarence Thomas

Manners are important in society as it makes a good impression in others, simultaneously it also makes us feel good about own selves. Table manners are the rules of etiquette used while eating.

Whether eating at home, dining out, or having dinner with friends, good table manners for kids are an important part of life. From an early childhood, children need to be taught specific table manners one at a time, so that they don’t become confused.

It’s important to remember that parents are the best role model for their children and anything they say or do is likely to be emulated by their children, which makes it imperative to ensure that parents practice good table manners during every meal.

At SAI Angan the students of Play Group were introduced to table manners like Wash your hands before coming to table, Stay seated and sit upright, Chew with your mouth closed and don’t talk until you have finished eating, Don’t make bad comments about food and not to be violent and noisy at the dining table.

The children maintain discipline and proper etiquette during all their meal times. Teachers make it a point that every child should practice them whenever they are at the dining space.

SAI Angan - Table Manners

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