Story Telling

“The more you read the more things you’ll know . The more that you learn the more places you’ll go. ” – Dr. Seuss

There is always room for a story that can transport us to another place.

Today Class- I had a story telling session during our online classes. The activity was also followed by a bunny craft making activity both by the teachers and the students ,based on the topic of the story which was being read. Story reading helps children to stimulate their imagination and expands their understanding to the world. It also plays a vital role in the growth and development of children. Reading develops language skills and vocabulary, also it is a good mode of relaxation and reduces stress. The books and stories they read and the characters they get to know can become their friends.

They took a keen interest in today’s story telling activity on the story “Peter the rabbit” as well as the craft making activity. Our children also shared with us their favourite parts and characters of the story. They also shared with us pictures of their beautiful cute crafty moments where they made a bunny rabbit expressing all their creativity.

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