Spectrum Club- Experiments With Water

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” -H. Auden

After conducting density experiments successfully in the previous class, this week the club started with some more interesting experiments. We at SAI Angan believe that children gain experience learning by doing the experiment. First Class I teachers did an experiment with rice, vinegar, baking soda and water, they mixed all the ingredients in water which created carbon dioxide and made the rice move up and done. Next from Class II one of the students conducted an experiment with balloon, straw, salty water and Norma water.

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In that experiment, they observed that balloons make more bubbles in salty water than regular water. Next from Class III two students conducted some interesting experiment called toothpick star in which they got to know about capillary action by using a dropper, some toothpicks and water in a plate. Next we had an experiment with a bottle and water, which was used to make a water fountain. They understood that it was due to the air pressure. Every experiment was done by  students wonderful. Teachers also did the experiments with children to make them more confident.

Spectrum Club- Experiments with water

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