Our Specialities

Our Specialities


SAI Angan has opened an amazing and wonderful world of learning in Bhu

In the Classroom

SAI Angan ushers in a new concept in learning. Working towards unfoldi

Beyond the Classroom

At SAI Angan, we work towards children being active participants throu

Play & Discovery

SAI Angan is a platform of activity centred learning, in an atmosphere

Enhanced Curriculum

In SAI Angan we believe that a student’s learning should be designed

Ethical Values & Etiquettes

Values are primary in the ethos of the school across all age groups. B

Excellent Faculty

Our teachers are the best in the nation with excellent records of teac

Personal Health & Hygiene

We reiterate our strong convictions on wellness and health. Regular he

Safety & Security

While quality education is of paramount importance, we understand that

Replicating Mother Child Bond

Having a healthy secure and safe connectivity between the teacher and

Story Telling Center

Storytelling was the reason languages developed in the first place, as

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