Picnic – Fun, Food and Frolic

“Nothing is better than a picnic.” – Zooey Deschanel

Picnicking is one of the favourite activities in a school. From casual lunches to games, picnics provide a relaxed environment to entertain kids. The fresh air, the outdoor activities and the natural ambience rejuvenates everyone.

However, school picnics offer far more health benefits than what we can think. The lack of sun in our body can affect our mood. There’s something great about fresh air and sunshine that just put kids in good mood and motivates them to get some exercise. Picnics are a great stress buster for kids.

Regular picnics can encourage kids to partake in physical activities and stay active. With this motive, SAIoneers of KG II went on a picnic on Monday, January 27, 2020. Starting from the bus ride with their friends to mini games like tug-of-war, flag football, hanky game kept the kids energetic and active throughout the day. The yummy food was a top-up.

The primary objective of our school is to create a balanced atmosphere for learning, discipline and all-round development of students. In addition to academic excellence, the school aims to enhance children’s health, mind and soul.

SAI Angan - Picnic - Fun, Food and Frolic

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