India and it’s Identifiers

India and it’s IdentifiersThe Republic of India or Bharat has the 2nd largest population of the world. Each citizen of this vast country is deeply attached to their motherland. Like every country, India too has National Symbols that reflect its image. These symbols unite people by creating visual, verbal, or iconic representations of the country’s values, goals, or history. These symbols were carefully selected by the framers of this beautiful nation.

The national animal “tiger” symbolises power, the national flower “lotus” symbolises purity, the national tree “banyan” symbolises immortality, the national bird “peacock” symbolises elegance and the national fruit “mango” symbolises the tropical climate of India.

Children of KG I learnt about the various National symbols as well as the significance of each colour of the Indian flag. They drew and coloured the National Flag in their drawing copy. They also coloured the National symbols like mango, peacock, tiger, lotus, as well as an outline of players playing the National game hockey in their theme book.

Students were also given a lotus cut out in form of a greetings card to which they added colours and decorated with glitters. This activity enhanced the visual, naturalistic, linguistic, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills of the children.

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