“The best way to make children good is to make them happy” – Oscar Wilde

Happiness is a state of mind. One feels happy when he or she does things out of their own will or listen to their own heart. But the happiness of children depends on the environment they are provided with. They feel happy when they are allowed to do something they like, or they are good at. The performance of a happy child is more productive and also contagious. Happy children make the class livelier and captures more information in a better way.

SAI Angan creates a joyful learning environment to enable children to learn more productively. They are involved in various activities like playing both indoor and outdoor games, dancing to the music played, talking to friends, painting on the floor and many more. We follow activity-based learning where each and every child is free to participate and share their views. They are appreciated in class by getting stars and certificates.

As part of this, an interaction was held with the students of KG II. They were taught how to use kind words, what are the kind words, sharing and caring as well as on the importance of helping people. These enhanced their emotional and mental development, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and kinesthetic skills.

SAI Angan - Happiness

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