An enriching learning time at SAI International e-Summer Camp

“Summer Camp is about growth and Accomplishments – Anonymous

The fun, frolic and fervour of the e-Summer Camp of SAI International, continued as the days went by. On Saturday, June 6, 2020, as the day was declared as a shutdown in Bhubaneswar, the parents and other family members joined in the fun. The students of Play Group had a session on folk dance which had a mix of the foot tapping Punjabi music. Children had great fun learning the steps on the dance, ‘munda thoda off beat hai’, with handkerchief in hands to give it a perfect Punjabi touch. Some of the mothers tried a step or two, which created a lively ambience. Next was a session on Best out of Waste and the little ones learnt to make snowmen from old socks, cotton and tattered clothes. Children were excited to see the end product, which was an amazing snowman.

On Monday, kids made a fish family with clay or flour dough. They decorated it beautifully which looked like fishes swimming in water with leaves and plants all around. Children had a creative time, trying to make it as colourful as possible simultaneously perfecting the art of clay modelling. Next was a session on music where the participants learnt the song, ‘chu chu karti aye chidiya’. Next day, the tiny tots made an aquarium from waste materials like bottle caps and leftover paper rolls of cello tapes. Markers, colour papers and poster colours were used to décor it. The colourful fishes looked amazing. The little ones also went on to try their hands at clay modelling. They learnt to make one of the favourite things a child would love to possess – a teddy bear.

Drawing and painting gives children an opportunity to play and explore with colours. Thread painting is one such activity that enhances imagination and creativity. The children had a wonderful time learning the art of thread painting, dabbling with colours and drawing with threads. Following this, they had a session on music, where the tiny tots learnt to sing one of the famous songs for children, ‘Chu chu karti aye chidiya’. On the following day, kids started their day with an energetic session on Zumba, practicing on the song, ‘mere isharope tak dhina dhin’ and ‘munda thoda off bit hai’. The fun was amplified when the adorable kids were joined by their mothers. The fun continued with a session on Paper Collage, where the kids learnt to make a crab family with a mother and two baby crabs. They also learnt to give it a 3-D effect.

Next day the kids learnt to make some amazing toys with the help of a match box, sketch pen, pins and glue during the session on Science Magic. Resource Person Shri Aurorashmi Mohanty taught the children to make toys like fan, butterfly, and rabbit and also shared the trick on how to increase their height. Students had great fun learning the science behind the magical toys.

The e-Summer Camp of SAI International continued with all fun and excitement on Saturday, June 13, 2020. Kids started their activities with a song, ‘dadi ama, dadi ama maan jao’. The little ones sang enthusiastically along with their Resource Person. After the musical session, they went on to do some drawing and colouring. Kids made three flowers with smiling faces and coloured it as per their choice. The result was each child had an exclusive art that reflected happiness. This was the last of the activities of the e-Summer Camp, as the following day was a day with the family, exhibiting what they had learnt in the last two weeks.

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