4 Sure-Fire Signs That Indicate Preschool Readiness Of Your Child

Whether it’s your first child or fourth, sending your little one off to preschool for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience for any parent.


Preschool is a very forgiving period that can accommodate different development rates among children.


Teachers at the best international preschools in Bhubaneshwar are known for their ability to tailor their instructions to appeal to most young learners.


Preschool readiness is less about a checklist of must-have skillsets than it is about emotional readiness, but there are some traits that your child should demonstrate to indicate that they are ready to participate in a daily, structured, group learning environment as that offered by a preschool.


Let us preface this blog with a disclaimer – Do not panic if your child has not yet hit all the milestones. Take it easy.


The degree of independence is apparent.


Even the best international preschools in Bhubaneshwar expect your child to be able to wash their hands after painting, eat lunch without assistance, and use the toilet independently.


Children who start preschool are supposed to play games and do projects with other children for a short time (5 to 10 minutes) without being constantly supervised by an adult.


Seeing your child share what she’s learned, sing songs you didn’t teach her, or constantly say “I do it” is a sign your sweet child has matured into a fiercely independent child who knows how to voice her opinions.


They can cope with not having you around.


Kids who have been in day-care or cared for by a babysitter find separating from parents easy.


Toddlers cope with separation anxiety from caregivers in various ways—some cry, some need a transitional object (e.g., a lovey), and some jump right into preschool without a second thought.


Although clinging on to you or trying to get away is a normal reaction on their part at drop off on the first day of preschool or even throughout the first week, if they are miserable the whole day without you, then the transition to preschool will be stressful.


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They can express their needs.


Children need some form of expression to express their emotions and needs. It can be done through words, gestures, sign language, or with the help of technology.


Some of the 3 to 4-year-olds can speak in complete sentences, while others mostly talk in three to four phrases.


You can tell whether your child is ready for preschool if she can put together simple sentences and answer simple who-what-where questions in a way that an unfamiliar adult can comprehend.


They get on well with other peers.


Kids under three usually have an “I won’t share” attitude since they have not developed enough social-emotional skills such as turn-taking, cooperative play, conflict resolution, and recognizing others’ emotions.


Children who consistently exhibit problematic social behaviours – pushing, hitting, biting, grabbing toys – are likely to require more socialization at home before starting preschool.


Observe whether your child smiles, waves, or greets others at the park or the grocery store. This could mean that they are ready to make friends with kids his age.


As one of the best international preschools in Bhubaneshwar, SAI Angan encourages interactive play amongst peers by arranging a play station, toy train, ball pool, and so forth.


Final Words


Suppose you are considering sending your child to preschool because he appears eager to learn new things and explore, or he isn’t getting enough stimulation at home or daycare, or he is ready to learn how to interact with other children. In that case, you are on the right track.


Preschool readiness can include physical, emotional, cognitive, and social characteristics unique to each child, hence choosing the best international preschool in Bhubaneshwar that is compatible with your child’s innate temperament, allows for a balanced combination of fun and skills, will likely be a rewarding experience for both of you.

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