Create A Disguise

Role play is one of the most important tools of learning. It is extremely beneficial for the little children, who enjoy as they learn.

An activity was conducted for the students of KG I with a purpose of blending learning with fun as well as building their confidence by giving them an opportunity to get on the stage and speak in front of an audience.

Dress-up play also builds vocabulary as children prepare what his or her character would say. It gives them a chance to expand their vocabulary with words and phrases that they might have heard in stories but wouldn’t ordinarily use. During the activity, children confidently used such words during conversation.

Such kind of activities also allow children to act out their feelings where by strengthening their emotional. Children are imitative in nature. They learn about the world by imitating adults and others around them, hence they enjoy this activity more than anything else.

The activity helped in developing their Linguistic, Logical, Naturalistic, Inter-personal and Intra-personal skills.

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